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Meet our soap makers

From left to right Evelina, Mary and Esther. Evelina and Mary are divorced as their husbands left them. They are single mothers of a child. Both Esther and her husband are unemployed and have to take care for 4 children. At the moment the ladies are still being trained, but there will of course come […]

15 tonnes of food and goods for cyclone Ana victims

Today Ahava received no less than 15 tonnes of food and goods from another organization in Malawi to benefit people affected by cyclone Ana and the flooding. In addition to the 10 villages that Ahava is already supporting, we are now able to help another 4 villages that may have been hit even more severely. […]

Food distribution on 21 February

We were able to give food distribution to four villages that were greatly affected by Cyclone Ana. We wanted to do this last Saturday but due to the rain we decided to postpone it until today. Unfortunately the cooking oil and the blankets were not delivered on time to Ahava so all these people (250 […]

Cyclone Damako

The past few days we had to deal with the consequences of Cyclone Damako. Again our area was hit by a lot of rain which again causes many problems for the poor people around Ahava. Today we saw many children under the age of 5 with serious diarrhoea in the clinic. The water has risen […]

Ienie and Mienie birthday

February 15, 2022 Today it’s been one year since our goat girls Ienie and Mienie were born. The next day Mama Goat passed away and what a journey it has been to raise these two ladies. But see the result! Of course Ienie and Minie are also the sweetest goat girls in the whole world!

February 14 Pip’s Birthday

Today is a special day because it’s my dearest furry four footed friend’s birthday. Our boss, friend to the other animals at Ahava, the one who oversees the pack, the best guard, friend to every visitor, who is never far from me………… Dear Pip………….8 years already today…………..hope to have you around me for many more […]

Zikomo Kambiri

Last Tuesday, the four village elders came to Ahava from the villages approximately 3 up to 4 kilometres away from Ahava who have suffered much damage from all the rain from Cyclone Ana. All their villages have suffered enormous problems as a result of the flooding. To give an impression: 150 households in the village […]

Aid for 10 villages, 300 families

This afternoon was our first food distribution to families from 10 villages around Ahava, all affected by Cyclone Ana. There is so much need, but as an organization we have chosen to provide for the basic necessities of life: food, a blanket and perhaps in the future seeds so that people can start planting again. […]

Food and goods arrived

Today the lorry with food would arrive at Ahava for the people who have nothing or almost nothing to eat as a result of the flooding. Between 3 and 4pm it was said. I try to arrange it always in a way that when the villagers receive something, they will do something for it as […]

To our elderly

In the past few days we have been busy measuring and cutting plastic liners. This plastic has gone to all our elderly in the various programs that take place on Ahava. It is used under their grass roofs to prevent rainwater from coming into their huts. The elderly are vulnerable and often have the most […]