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Thank you Ineke

November 12, 2021 The first days with Roseanne and after that you just continued with big and small jobs. And then your time with us was already over, Ineke. Thanks for the fun and your great help @bottle making bricks, painting, cleaning up, putting things up at the wall, sewing jobs and so much more! […]

Our lion

31 oktober 2021 Jippy boy………18 years and 2 months! He still has all his teeth and he still catches mice. The big boss in charge of the animal kingdom on Ahava.

Fencing project

ctober 18, 2021 Today the second phase of our fencing project is on the agenda. Today it is putting poles in the concrete which have to dry for two days before Mister Chifundo can paint them. Next week we will place the fencing wire. What a job, but the good news is that we will […]

Allways something

October 22, 2021 Today the cable was laid and the connection made. Unfortunately, a wrong electricity connection was made during the construction of the building, so we currently have no outdoor lighting. We’ll work on that one next week. Meanwhile, the men are cleaning everything up and repairing the concrete! #alwayssomethingtodohereatAhava

Sharing is caring

And more help which is called: Sharing is caring! I didn’t had too much fun with this machine as my day was too full with ‘must do things’ but Mister Richard enjoyed it for sure! Thanks so much dear Gretchen! Next time it’s me.

Soap factory update

October 9, 2021 This week we made the water gutter for the roof of our soap factory with drainage to the existing water gutter, plastered the wood storage shed and laid a street. So thankful for handy men at Ahava!

Woodshed filled

October 23, 2021 And meanwhile, our woodshed is also full again. Mister Wilson has never played with Lego but has passed his exam when it comes to ‘building and puzzling’. Just to be clear: all the wood comes from pruning trees in and around Ahava as we don’t cut trees but we grow them!

Beautiful Flowers

October 7, 2021 And then suddenly my beautiful blue/purple flowers were gone. According to the experts, it was time to seriously cut them down. Okay……….compost and water and we will see how long it takes before I see beautiful flowers again!