Start program for disabled children

Today is the start of our program for disabled children. Although sister Chrissy is no longer able to go into the communities, she still managed to reach out with the help from other people.

My friend Jo who is a physiotherapist is going to do this program together with Amayi Flora who is her assistant helper. We prayed together, sang together and after that consultation started to see the disabled children and their mothers or caregivers.

I found it a bit overwhelming to see so many sad, heart-breaking and difficult situations. If you have suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen during birth, there’s very little you can do. So we teach and give instructions to the mothers or caregivers to do all sort of exercises to keep children’s head, hands, feet, legs and arms in good movement as much as possible.

And yet………despite the difficult and sad circumstances of the children it is special to see how much the mothers or caregivers appreciate this special time for them and their children. They do feel encouraged and with that in mind we keep the slogan ‘alive’ that together you never stay alone! Start_Gehandicapten_Programma

Children’s Bible Club

Sometimes everything goes extremely well and other times it really doesn’t! That’s what I experienced when two of the three volunteers who teach the children of our children’s Bible club no longer showed up in November 2021. Such a shame. But also so intensely sad that those who have followed training courses cann’t see the importance of this education for the children.

So just give up…..? ‘No!’. Giving up is a word that is hard to find in my dictionary.

2022 is a new year and a new start for our children’s Bible club. Every Wednesday afternoon together with Abambo Patrick we are children with the children. I sincerely enjoy all those fantastic cuties!

Weighing in the clinic

Cute! Little darlings large pants to be weighed in the clinic  

Container wonder land

The container has arrived this afternoon at Ahava on our ‘wonder land’. I’m always a bit hesitant whether all equipment works properly and if the materials are good to get the job done.

Thankful that it is been done. @phase 1 has been completed!

Unwanted guest

And then one early morning I saw something running away quickly. I thought it was a mouse and then I suddenly also understood all the others signs this unwanted guest had given us. Soon I was convinced that there was more than just one casual passer-by. It was time to make a plan to take action.

Today is the day! With three strong and not scary men on a mouse hunt which turned out to be a rats hunt. ‘No’…..I wasn’t there! For today and all other days we will now keep the door closed. @lesson learned

Donkey Pranks

When it comes to donkey pranks, Mo is the naughtiest but also the boldest. It happens at times that he walks into the clinic, but always when no one is there and the door is open. Today found it necessary to inspect the clinic during working hours. This to the dismay of Sister Chrissy, who violently kicked him out the door. Since then we haven’t seen Mo close to the clinic again @Job done!

Piece of land added, lots of plans

January 5, 2022

Exactly a month ago we were able to buy a small piece of land in front of Ahava. I wanted to add this piece of land to Ahava for many years already because it has such an ideal location. But not just because it has such an ideal location. Over the years I also experienced that the Lord had a specific purpose for this piece of land.

But despite having been around the table with the owner several times, the answer always remained the same ‘no’. I kept praying for it because when God says yes, no one can say no, bearing in mind that if God has another plan it would be good too. And then……….just ‘out of the blue’ we were able to buy the piece of land.

We want to build a shelter on this piece of land where patients can wait in front of the clinic before going for consultation. Out of the sun and out of the rain. In addition, a toilet (longdrop) because that is also a challenge at the moment.

In addition, we want to build a small building where we can give help, physiotherapy and love to disabled children from zero to twelve years old and encouragement, help, love and a listening ear to the parents/caregivers.

Finally, a place for Mister Chifundo to fulfil his long-cherished dream: education and training for those who want to receive it in the field of compost making, introducing and planting trees that make a positive contribution to the living environment of the people . This includes trees for firewood, trees that make the soil fertile, trees for fruit and probably much more.

stukje land
It is, as usual, a big wilderness. In recent years, bricks have been made and burned, creating deep holes and leaving a lot of mess behind. Most of the trees that stood there have been cut down. A number of the those trees are for the village elder and are still waiting to be cut into firewood………

We start….step by step. After all, we’ve done that before!

Container added

January 12, 2022

A week ago my friends asked if I was interested in their container. I had to ask the guys (Abambo Patrick and Mister Chifundo) because after all 3 people know more than 1. They were very enthusiastic as it is a beautiful step in the right direction for Mister Chifundo’s future program. Half of the container will be his office and the other half for storage of garden tools.

The past few days we have worked very hard to lay the concrete foundation. The container will arrive next Tuesday so the slab needs to harden before that moment.

We have to build a structure around the container (walls and roof) but that is for another moment.

That special time of the year

It’s that special time of the year again. At Ahava, the clinic and all the other programs will close down for this season. Many elderly people have (or receive) no help and that is why they come to Ahava for their daily meal. We were thankful to give everyone a nice food package for home. We will see each other again in 2022!

Word and Deed

For a number of years we have been going to the surrounding villages around Ahava. We visit singles, couples or families who are having a very hard time due to illness, death of a family member, a disability, job loss due to corona or any other reason. People who have virtually nothing and where there is a daily shortage of food. They then come to Ahava to pick up their parcel, which gives us the opportunity to also give them hope from the Bible. It is special moments to be able to look after your neighbour #AhavaInAction in Word and Deed!