A special welcome on arrival back in Malawi

What a welcome after two months of leave in the Netherlands. Our sheep surprised us with no fewer than four lambs. But now we need 2 boy sheep names and 2 girl sheep names.

Who has beautiful names for this foursome? The first name has already been given to our black and white lamb: Shaun.
I’d love to hear good suggestions for the other three. But now I am on watch for one of the lambs who is severely weakened and needs regular feeding. Hopefully he survives with some extra bottles of food at night.

Ready to provide food to 600 families after cyclone Ana

We are ready to provide food to +600 families tomorrow. Cyclone Ana and its consequences are far from over!

Always something to do

This week we had the carpenter at work at Ahava. A few more jobs and chores are done. For example, he made new moulds for our soap factory and fixed mosquito netting for the windows of the soap factory so that the insects can now build their nests outside and not inside.


Today Mister Chifundo came so we all could admire his son who was born on March 11th. Precious is his name. And that’s what he is. Grateful for this new life and what an honour to celebrate with Mister Chifundo, his wife Grace and big sister Chiwemwe who are so proud of this beautiful little boy!

Our container building is finally completed

And another job done. Our container building is finally completed. It has become a beautiful multifunctional building where, next to the containers, we have built a beautiful storage space, space where we process our old paper, space where we store our firewood and a beautiful veranda where we do welding, carpentry work, painting jobs and whatever is jobs need to be done.

We recycle debris

This is what we do with all the ‘debris’: chisel the cement off, pile the bricks up and one day reuse it for a new construction job. The remaining concrete pieces go into the foundation of my future office and what’s even more goes as reinforcement in ‘our’ dirt road to Ahava.

Water trench removed

We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks. We had already started re-building the water trench but ‘on the way’ we received input from friends. Lots of things to think about and many more ideas discussed. Grateful for friends and staff members which made that finally we came to the following result.

The water trench is gone and we took all the concrete and bricks who were still remaining out. After that almost 4 trucks with sand went in there where the water trench was before and that was a lot of trips with the wheelbarrow up and down. But we are so happy with the result. Now we have to put up the fence because especially Mo (the naughty donkey) finds the lawn grass in my garden irresistibly attractive and then the job is done.

Food4Work program: our elderly in the spotlights

Put our elderly from the Food4Work program in the spotlight today. With a new ‘uniform’ and a well-filled bucket.

These people have been working at Ahava in our agricultural program for many years. They process our Moringa harvest, plant, hoe and weed, make compost and much more. All work two mornings a week at Ahava for financial support. But if there is something to share, we also share it with them. All care for orphaned grandchildren and can therefore always use a little more. Care for each other should be always there!

Distribution to 610 families

And then we could finally realize the distribution to 610 families in the proximity and a little further away from Ahava.

With three other employees from Ahava, fourteen village elders and a lot of people, this day was completely dominated by giving and receiving, encouragement and thankfulness.

Fill all the buckets

Then it was time to fill all those buckets. This is always a job I do together with Abambo Patrick. Not that there is much socialization because it is mainly hard work to be able to complete this job in one day.

Our dear and loyal Pip is of course also present when it becomes to this one!