Financial support
Ahava Ministries in Malawi is depending upon financial and material support of many sponsors. This project can continue thanks to their great support, given in a multitude of ways! Your support and involvement is appreciated! You can support in many ways. Apply for the news letter if you want to keep track of the developments. Or read the Chrissy’s blog (in Dutch).

You can also give a donation. And it is great if you want to support the project regularly.

We are looking for people who are prepared to give a little … to change a lot.

Payments can be made to bank account (IBAN) NL23 ABNA 0574 6674 31 of Stichting Ahava Malawi.

ANBI status

Dutch tax payers have the possibily to make income tax deductible donations. The Foundation has a ANBI approval under tax ID-number RSIN: 8126.59.594. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce number is 28098094.

Ahava Malawi Foundation
Purpose of Stichting Ahava Malawi (the Foundation) is promoting  spiritual and social welfare to the poorest of the people of Malawi by means of medical care, advice, education, social and supporting activities. Widows and orphans have our special attention. We aid regardless of political, religious or other beliefs and regardless of race, gender, skin color or language. The board of the Foundation consists of a chairman, secretary and treasurer.  The directors do their work unpaid and the aim is to minimize the costs for the foundation. For more information, read the annual reports (in Dutch) and the articles of association.

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