Progress on aid distribution

This morning I had a look at the road to see how the progress is going. Things are going in the right direction and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to drive out and back into Chikhwawa in 2 days. That means that I can start organizing the relief supplies that have to come to Ahava.

The distribution will be beans, maize flour, blankets and cooking oil and will go to the 300 most affected families by this flood.

After this we will continue to provide food because the harvest of the people has been completely lost. Most of the huts where people live in are not ‘waterproof’ and therefor many have lost even the food which was inside their homes. It has become wet and no longer edible.

We also want to help with seeds so that people can start planting again. But this can only be happening in March as the soil is now just mud. In August, it would be possible for people to have their first crop again.

There is still a long way to go but what a privilege that we can walk this also together!

If you would like to contribute financially so that we can help these people with food and relief goods, you can do so via our website via the heading ‘how do you support us’ via Paypal you can make your donation.

Your financial help is much appreciated.