Start program for disabled children

Today is the start of our program for disabled children. Although sister Chrissy is no longer able to go into the communities, she still managed to reach out with the help from other people.

My friend Jo who is a physiotherapist is going to do this program together with Amayi Flora who is her assistant helper. We prayed together, sang together and after that consultation started to see the disabled children and their mothers or caregivers.

I found it a bit overwhelming to see so many sad, heart-breaking and difficult situations. If you have suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen during birth, there’s very little you can do. So we teach and give instructions to the mothers or caregivers to do all sort of exercises to keep children’s head, hands, feet, legs and arms in good movement as much as possible.

And yet………despite the difficult and sad circumstances of the children it is special to see how much the mothers or caregivers appreciate this special time for them and their children. They do feel encouraged and with that in mind we keep the slogan ‘alive’ that together you never stay alone! Start_Gehandicapten_Programma