Distribution to 610 families

And then we could finally realize the distribution to 610 families in the proximity and a little further away from Ahava.

With three other employees from Ahava, fourteen village elders and a lot of people, this day was completely dominated by giving and receiving, encouragement and thankfulness.

15 tonnes of food and goods for cyclone Ana victims

Today Ahava received no less than 15 tonnes of food and goods from another organization in Malawi to benefit people affected by cyclone Ana and the flooding.

In addition to the 10 villages that Ahava is already supporting, we are now able to help another 4 villages that may have been hit even more severely.

Grateful for cooperation centered at those who need our help, encouragement and love.

In accordance with Ahava’s custom, the villagers were allowed to unload the cargo again.

Food distribution on 21 February

We were able to give food distribution to four villages that were greatly affected by Cyclone Ana. We wanted to do this last Saturday but due to the rain we decided to postpone it until today.

Unfortunately the cooking oil and the blankets were not delivered on time to Ahava so all these people (250 households) have to come again. That’s how it often goes here.

We really wanted to provide these people with food, especially now that they have been hit by so much rain again.

These villages are located about 3 to 5 kilometres from Ahava, so people had arranged a taxi together, the maize flour and beans were taken on a motorcycle, on a bicycle or by foot.

Again it was quite an organization but again we are grateful that with financial help from many of you we were able to help these affected people.

It is a worrying thought how they will survive because it will take months before anything will start to grow on their fields.

If you want to help financially, you can still do that.
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