Outgrown her shelter

How do you tell a stubborn kitty that she’s outgrown her shelter @Miss Norton!

Meals and fresh air

Due to all the activities that take place in our multifunctional center, the elderly eat their daily meal elsewhere.

As long as it is out of the sun and out of the rain, everyone enjoys the fresh air and the delicious meal.

For our chicken ‘house’

Coming home with a load I’d rather not do. Wood and corrugated iron sheets for our chicken’house’.

Goats and lambs

…….look how big Ienie and Mienie and Daisy her kids have grown already! @love my goatgirls and the little lambs❤️❤️

As far as the eye can see: maize

There is maize as far as your eyes can see. Maize that the villagers could plant from the seeds we were able to distribute through Ahava.

Thanks for your help 🥰

Last food distribution

On June 28th, we had our last food distribution for the villagers who where most affected by the January 2022 floods.
Grateful that we were able to do this but also grateful that we were able to complete this with the help of many near and far away.
Together we are looking forward to an abundant (maize) harvest.


At the beginning of July we were able to buy rice from the local farmer. After the purchase, it should dry for another day in the full sun. After that, we package it and we store it until we need it for our elderly feeding program. Then we take it to the mill where the rice will be stripped of the husks.

We prefer to buy from local farmers so that we can support them for the work they do. #win/win.

This is why we must plant trees!

……..and this is why we MUST plant trees!

I have turned this situation into a teaching moment for our employees and all village elders. @foreverteaching!

visit to Truusje

Just before my departure in April, I went to pay a last visit to our little Truusje. We visited her again on June the 27th. Our little girl, besides being a princess is now also going to be a real lady.
Grateful fort he care and the oppertunities which are been given tot his babygirl.

Our new vegetable garden

The cool weather has made our new vegetable garden look great. Three days a week we have vegetables from our own garden for our elderly/widows cooking program. In addition, sweet potatoes, moringa, lettuce, eggplant, etc.